High School Football Coach Spring Prep Checklist

High School Football Coach Spring Prep Checklist. Concord High School Football players on their football field with team flag and a Flag of the United States.
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Paul Reynaud – Head Football Coach at Concord High School, Concord CA

Author Bio: Paul has been a football coach for the past 20 years, 7 of them as head football coach at Concord High School. Last season Paul helped coach Concord High to a 9-2 record, the CIF Playoffs, and was recognized as a San Fransisco 49ers Prep Coach of the Week for September 2022. When he is not coaching, Paul is also part of the product support team at eTeamSponsor.



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Updated: 12/20/2023

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Spring is a crucial time for high school football coaches to prepare for the upcoming fall season. Here is a checklist of things coaches can do during the spring to ensure their team is ready to hit the ground running in the fall based on Concord High School Football Head Coach Paul Reynaud’s 20 years of football coaching experience.

Male football coach looking down at play sheet on the field. High School Football Checklist

1. Strength & Conditioning

Evaluate and implement the “Spring Phase” of your strength and conditioning program. Many factors will influence what you do including how deep in the playoffs you went, and when you started up your winter lifting program . Generally speaking as days grow longer, and the sun is out more, it’s time for speed and agility training to pick up.  Make sure you have a plan in place for it. Here are some videos I’ve used to build the plan for my team:

2. Update Your Playbook

Clinic season is winding down, and your head is probably full of all the great things you plan to “borrow” from those clinic speakers. Evaluate what you can actually use for your players and what just isn’t going to work for your team. Begin meshing those great new ideas into your playbook so that you can try them out in the spring and summer giving you that new wrinkle in the fall. Work with assistant coaches to develop a playbook that reflects the team’s strengths going into the season. Every year and every team is slightly different, so base your plan on the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s first, and give them the ability to succeed in your scheme.

3. Check Equipment and Order New Gear

Organize equipment storage and ensure that all players have the necessary gear. Check all equipment for wear and tear and order new equipment that will give you the winning edge in the fall. Whether it’s a new sled, headsets or practice equipment there is probably some big ticket item you have had your eye for a while that you need to get ordered and on its way to you so it’s here before the season starts.  Order early – you don’t want to have that new toy show up in October. At Concord High School we work with our great rep from BSN Sports for our gear. For specific weight room equipment and smaller football equipment I like the convenience of using Amazon.

4. Pick Your Fall Fundraising Partner

Plan out your fundraising for the season. Make sure you can pay for that big ticket item that you just ordered.  Setting up crowdfunding campaigns early that can start during the spring and run throughout the season are great ways to supplement or even replace the other more labor-intensive fundraising campaigns you may run during the summer and are great options for out-of-state family members to also be able to support the program. Is there a better fundraising platform than GoFundMe? I’ve used eTeamSponsor for my fundraising since 2013 and love how easy it is for my athletes to use and how effectively it raises money – $65,000 through the 2022 season. I would say it is the best fundraising platform for sports teams. Learn more about digital fundraising for high school football here.

5. Schedule Your Spring Practices

If your state allows for spring football, schedule spring practice. Coordinate with your AD, and spring sport coaches to schedule spring practices. In California we get ten spring practices and finding ways to fit those in around track meets, baseball games and lacrosse games can be very difficult – so start early!

Coach scheduling time for his football team to practice

6. Review Academic Eligibility

Review academic eligibility information with all of your student athletes, Your seniors are graduating soon and hopefully a few of them are on their way to continue their playing careers at the next level. This can be a great way to motivate the underclassman to excel in the classroom and finish out the school year strong.  Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center to make sure you are up to date on eligibility requirements for the year and hold a meeting with your team to make sure they have all the right information to plan their schedule for the fall. 

7. Set Up Coaches Meetings

If you will be adding new roles and new members to your staff, make sure that you set clear and attainable expectations for your staff going into the meat of the offseason. Everyone on staff wants to feel like they have a meaningful hand in your team’s success in the fall make sure you give them a path to do that.  Establish clear, measurable goals for the team and individual coaches. Goals should be challenging but attainable and should align with the team’s mission and values.

8. Recruit Your Campus

Spring is a great time to find a diamond in the rough. Keep your eyes peeled for kids on campus that pass the eye ball test that may not be in the program.  Track meets, baseball, and lacrosse games are great ways to scout out a player that may be a difference maker for you in the fall

9. Communicate With Parents

Keep parents informed about the team’s plans, practice schedule, and expectations for players. Encourage parents to get involved in team activities and volunteer opportunities. Ensure that your booster club is set up for sucess – especially important if your current booster has a student-athlete graduating this academic year.

10. Team Bonding

Schedule team camps and team bonding activities such as a dinner, bowling night, or movie night. These activities help build team camaraderie and can improve team performance in the fall.


In conclusion, Spring is an important time for any high school football team. Making good use of your time now is one way to set your team up for success in the fall. Have a safe and successful fall season!

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  • The cost and profit of popular team fundraising options
  • The pros and cons of different fundraising options
  • How to maximize the funds raised for your team
  • The secret to structuring an effective fundraising program for your team
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