Frequently Asked Questions about eTeamSponsor

At eTeamSponsor we are here to help ensure you fundraise 2-4X more for your team, school, activity, or club! Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to the question you have, click the “Contact Us” link above and a member of our eTeam will get back to you quickly!

We are also deeply committed to safeguarding the online privacy of our clients, student participants, and donors. Every fundraiser we run comes with 256 bit encryption of your data and our systems are PCI Level 2 compliant – bank level data security. Want to learn more? Check out the details in our Privacy Policy.

How does eTeamSponsor work?

We have ONE platform, and TWO crowdfunding products. TeamFunder is our risk-free revenue-share product that most of our teams, high schools and foundations utilize. FundRaker® is our subscription as a service (SaaS) product that higher education and institutional advancement utilize to centralize their campus-led crowdfunding efforts. Regardless of the product, you’ll reach potential supporters anywhere in the world through our automated email, social media and mobile text message campaigns. Supporters have 3 ways to donate to your program and ensures a donation percentage exponentially higher than any other crowdfunding program in the market today. Supporters can then donate securely online, by check or by phone and donors receive an immediate receipt on behalf of the organization. To learn more, watch our demo.

How do I login to my campaign or reset a password?

Scroll up to the top of this page. In the green area, click on “Campaign login or forgot password”. If you need more help here is a blog post on the login and forgot password process. If you need  additional support click the “Contact Us” link on the main navigation.

What does it cost to use your digital fundraising platform?

Our pricing is simple. TeamFunder is a revenue-share product. You’ll pay nothing up-front and never will you see a bill at the end of your campaigns. You’ll start at 75% of the funds raised from each campaign and you have the opportunity to earn even more! FundRaker is a subscription based product where you’ll pay an up-front license fee and 100% of the funds are directed to your institution. At the end of the annual contract there is a renewal fee to continue licensing the product.

How quickly can I begin raising funds for my team, school, club, or activity?

If you’ve got 8-10 minutes, we can show you how it works and after your initial setup you can utilize our descriptive tutorials to create your own campaigns. You can create content, import pictures/videos and establish a scope for a campaign to help you meet your fundraising goals.

Does eTeamSponsor charge for credit card processing?

We do not charge for credit card processing with our TeamFunder revenue-share product. All costs of raising funds are covered in our revenue share agreement.

Are there limits to how long an eTeamSponsor fundraiser can run (I've heard that some companies have 29 day limits)?

No, at eTeamSponsor there are no limits to how long you can run an on-line fundraiser. In fact, our best practice is to run your campaign for at least 90 days as up to 10-15% of total funds raised come in after day 30!

Does eTeamSponsor charge a penalty if student participation falls below 70%?

No, unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge a penalty (which can reduce funds raised by as much as 7%) if student participation falls below a certain level. Instead, our expert fundraising team will provide you with helpful tips and tricks to drive your campaign fundraiser participation rate as high as possible!

What forms of payment does eTeamSponsor accept for donations?

We accept donations by check (via mail), credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express), PayPal, and Venmo.

I would like to donate via check, who do I make the check payable to?

Ah. Such a straightforward question! 🙂 Unfortunately the answer is “it depends”, and more specifically, it depends on what type of fundraiser you are donating to. Fill out a support form and one of our support managers will get back to you quickly with an answer!

Are donations made via eTeamSponsor tax deductible?

Donations made to public schools and nonprofit education institutions are generally tax deductible if the donation and recipient meet certain requirements. That said, the tax treatment of charitable contributions and donations is a complicated topic, so always consult your tax advisor for guidance. To obtain a receipt for your donation please contact your student’s school as the receipt will be issued by them, not eTeamSponsor. 

Do I receive support once I create an account?

We are known for our outstanding service…just ask our clients, they love working with eTeamSponsor. The beauty of our system is the technology performs 95% of the work for campaign execution. Your 5% is vital to the success of the campaign, and is only a 20-30 minute investment of time.  Our dedicated support team will educate you how easy it is to launch a campaign. Our support team is available 7am – 5pm PST Monday through Friday to assist you at any point during your campaign.

Who owns the campaign data and can I share information within my organization?

Your organization owns the data and yes, you can share information within your organization. You may set up additional users with multiple levels of permission allowing them access to relevant dashboards and reporting within your organization.

When does our organization receive the funds raised?
With TeamFunder by the 10th of every month we will remit your funds securely via an ACH transaction directly into your checking account or mail your program a check. And your campaign will always allow for your supporters to give, even after the campaign is over. So month after month as donors continue to support your program, you’ll keep receiving deposits or checks. With FundRaker we’ve created a seamless payment gateway integration process for your organization to receive daily batches of deposits.
How do I run a successful campaign with eTeamSponsor?

Our 3-step process is easy to follow and effective at helping schools raise 2-4X more for their teams and activities.

Is it safe to donate online?

We use 256 bit encryption and our systems are PCI Level 2 Compliant – bank level data security. Credit card, checking account and personal information are immediately deleted upon donating. Passwords for all users are also encrypted for your protection and eTeamSponsor is as secure as any online banking institution or payment portal in the world.

Is personal information shared with a third-party?
No. We DO NOT share any information gathered as a result of a campaign with any third-party. All emails received by you and/or the sponsors are in direct relationship with our fundraising efforts, none are SPAM or third-party solicitations.