Empowering Athletics and Unlocking Opportunities


eTS launches careers, and we’ve revolutionized fundraising for good. We call the tech-epicenter San Francisco Bay Area home, while thousands of schools nationwide call us theirs for fundraising. Our team from the top down are former student-athletes, coaches, and college administrators turned fundraising pros. This job is the closest thing to being a part of a team that any ex-athlete or coach can feel. Build a foundation by learning our business and help extra-curricular programs across the country reach new fundraising heights. We’ll train you to excel, and you’ll make an immediate impact in your community from day one. Our team is proud to live our mission. We work hard and play hard, and you’ll be excited about where we’re going next!


Think back to when you played on that ONE team…you remember the one with the incredible chemistry? Our team is former student-athletes and coaches who’ve created an incredible chemistry.  We work hard and have fun doing it. We take pride in leading our clients to achieving fundraising success.


Lex Alekna

Chief Revenue Officer

What really stands out to me is the passion everyone has for eTeamSponsor. They care so much about eTeamSponsor and also about each other. The bonding is like a family here and it’s very apparent. Everyone is so welcoming, everyone cares about each other, and they want the company to succeed. You don’t find that very often. Wanting to succeed, family feel, great culture. I’m just excited to be a part of it.

Kristi Frevele

Director of Operations

The people here care about each other. It’s not just people you work with. These are people you actually care about. They care about making the connections, collaborating with each other.  They care about helping each other grow and get better and develop. It’s not just a job, it’s a growth path, it’s everything. I cannot say enough good things about working for eTeamSponsor.

Jamie Wittmer

People Operations Assistant

I love the culture here at eTeamSponsor. It’s definitely like a team and that’s what I’ve been used to my whole life being an athlete. Getting to work with former athletes and current coaches, I feel like we all have something to relate to and that’s something I enjoy a lot. We have that team culture mentality and that’s what I have been used to and so that’s why I love it here. I feel like everybody gets along really well. We all want to see each other succeed which is amazing.