7 Winning Basketball Fundraising Ideas for Success

Baseball Fundraising Ideas
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Shanan Rosenberg:
Linfield University, Head Coach (10 yrs)
Lewis & Clark College, Associate Head Coach (3 yrs)
California Community College Mens Basketball Coaches Association, President (2.5 yrs)

Kevin Quinlan: 
Herndon High School, Head Coach 
Former asst. at Johns Hopkins, HC at Glenelg Country, and HC at Thomas Edison


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Updated: 10/13/2023

Basketball Team Fundraiser
Basketball Fundraising Ideas
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Are you a basketball team looking for ways to raise money for your next season? Fundraising can be a challenging task, but with the right ideas, it can also be fun and successful. In this article, we’ll explore seven winning basketball fundraising ideas that can help your team reach its financial goals.

1. Organize a Shoot-a-thon

Organize a Home Run Derby

Shoot-a-thon is another exciting fundraising idea that can attract great donor support. By scheduling this mandatory event for your basketball players early in the season (before Thanksgiving) it encourages them to get a lot of free throw repetitions in and allows for a more relaxed day of practice. Head Men’s Basketball Coach for Herndon High School in Virginia, Kevin Quinlan, has been doing this type of fundraiser for 5 years and says his athletes enjoy raising money this way for their program because it focuses on making them better at their sport and is a fun competition amongst the team. 
How to set it up:
1. Put it on the athletes’, alumni’, parents’, and teachers’ minds and schedules early in the preseason. 
2. Run the donation collection through a digital fundraiser so the financial support is seamless for the athlete and donor.  Coach Quinlan uses eTeamSponsor to handle the donations for his fundraisers.
3. Have the athletes make 200 free throws during the shoot-a-thon and track the shot percentage. 
4. Donors can pledge to donate any amount of money ahead of time for each basket made. 
5. The athlete shares his/her results through a personalized email or fundraising page to which the donor donates the promised amount. 

2. Sell Concessions or Partner with a Local Restaurant

Sell Concessions or Partner with a Local Restaurant

Selling concessions at games can be a simple yet effective way to raise money for your team. Offer popular snacks such as hot dogs, popcorn, and candy, and sell cold beverages to keep spectators refreshed during the game. To increase your profits, consider partnering with local restaurants or food trucks to offer a wider variety of food options. Many restaurants offer fundraising nights where a portion of the proceeds goes to a designated organization or team. You can reach out to local restaurants and arrange a fundraising night where supporters can dine and donate to your cause. You can partner with local businesses such as Krispy Kreme or Chipotle to help you fundraise for your team. Krispy Kreme allows you to sell doughnuts virtually through the virtual fundraising program or In-Shop local distribution. Similarly, Chipotle works with your team to run in-restaurant and online fundraisers.

3. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Donation Dollars

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for your team or organization. Digital Platforms allow you to create a fundraising campaign and share it with your friends, family, via email, text and social media followers. You can set a fundraising goal and offer incentives for people who donate to your campaign. Since 2010 eTeamSponsor’s fundraising platform has helped schools raise $175 Million for their sports teams and activities. eTeamSponsor campaigns are easy to set up (30min or less) and typically raise 2-4X more than competition and/or going alone. With eTeamSponsor’s crowdfunding platform typically 90% or more of the donations coming in will be from outside the team members zip codes, which works great combining with other local fundraising ideas.  

4. Sell Merchandise

Sell Merchandise To Raise Money

Selling merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and other baseball-themed items can be a profitable fundraising idea for your team. Design your merchandise with your team logo and colors, and sell them at games, tournaments, and online. Consider partnering with a local print shop or consider using online to produce high-quality items that your supporters will love. Two of our favorites are 4imprint and Custom Ink, both have custom and easy-to-use design tools.

5. Host an Auction

Host an Auction

An auction is a fundraising idea that can bring in a lot of money if done correctly. Reach out to local businesses and individuals to donate items such as gift certificates, sports memorabilia, and other goods and services. Set up a display with all of the items and encourage attendees to bid on them throughout the event.

6. Organize a Car Wash

Car Wash

A car wash is a classic fundraising idea that can be a fun way for your team to raise money while also getting some exercise. Choose a high-traffic location and advertise your event to the community. Charge a fee for each car wash, and consider offering additional services such as detailing or waxing for an extra fee. Hosting a car wash is a fun and simple way to raise funds. You can advertise your car wash in advance and charge a set fee for each car washed. Make sure to have plenty of soap, sponges, and water on hand.  If you are looking for a car wash kit for both interior and exterior work we recommend Armor All’s 8 Piece Kit ($43.97 on Amazon) giving the cars you wash the extra level of cleaning protection.

7. Host Basketball or Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament

If you have golf enthusiasts on your team or in your community, hosting a golf tournament can be a profitable fundraising idea. Charge an entry fee for each player and sell sponsorships to local businesses. Offer prizes for the top performers and sell concessions and merchandise throughout the event. Host a basketball tournament. One of the most popular fundraising ideas for basketball teams is to host a tournament. This can be a fun way to bring together teams from different leagues and communities for a day of friendly competition. To maximize your earnings, charge an entry fee for each team and sell concessions and merchandise during the tournament.

There are many creative and effective ways to raise money for your basketball team. Whether you choose to host a tournament, sell merchandise, or organize a car wash, the key to success is to plan ahead and promote your event to the community. With these seven winning basketball fundraising ideas, your team can reach its financial goals and continue to play the sport you love.

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  • The cost and profit of popular team fundraising options
  • The pros and cons of different fundraising options
  • How to maximize the funds raised for your team
  • The secret to structuring an effective fundraising program for your team

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