Vision & Mission

At eTeamSponsor we believe that participation in sports is one of the the most important ways to develop the next generation of leaders in the United States.


Our vision is to increase student participation 20% in High School and Collegiate Athletics by 2030, reducing the cost-to-participate barrier.

Our mission is to unlock opportunity through the most trusted fundraising experience, driven by innovative technology and delivery of exceptional value.

When schools and teams have the funds to provide their student-athletes with the best overall experience including; access to great coaching, the latest equipment, proper nutrition, and the ability to travel to compete against the best of the best, we as a country and society win!

The Benefits of Participating in Youth Sports

Civic Responsibility

High School Football Coach Spring Prep Checklist. Concord High School Football players on their football field with team flag and a Flag of the United States.

Youth who participate in sports are more likely to volunteer and vote than non-participants. They are also more likely to pay their taxes and  donate to charity.


High School Football Coach Bre Elder

Youth who participate in sports were more likely to demonstate leadership skills including: teamwork, discipline, goal-setting, independence, self-confidence, personal growth, and fair play.

Success in Life

Sean Connors, CEO is pointing off into the distance at an NJCAA convention in a suit

Youth who participate in sports report better grades, self-esteem, and comfort with publich speaking. They are also more likely to apply to, and be acception to a college or university.

Headwinds Affecting Youth Sport Participation

Rising Cost

Animated Image of athletes practicing. Blog featured image.

The cost of participation in youth sports –has risen significantly over time making it increasingly difficult for students to afford to play. READ MORE

Declining Interest

High School Football Coach Bre Elder

The Aspen Institute notes an alarming trend showing declining interest in particpating in traditional youth sports. READ MORE.

Fan Behavior

Sean Connors, CEO is pointing off into the distance at an NJCAA convention in a suit

Inappropriate fan behavior has a 3X negative effect on youth sport participation rates impacting coaches, officials, and student athltetes.

Our goal – increase participation rates in youth sports

Our goal is to increase the participation rates in high school, two-year, and four-year college sports by 25% by 2032.

How we will accomplish this goal:

1. We will help schools and teams raise funds to ensure that their student-athletes have a great experience playing their chosen sport or sports. This includes having access to safe equipment and playing fields/gyms as well as having the latest gear and uniforms they can wear with pride.

2. We will provide coaches, athletic directors, boosters, and advancement administrators with expert guidance and advice that will help them raise the most money possible for their teams and schools.

3. We will work with our partners to spread the word about the many benefits of high school and college sports to ensure they are properly funded at the state and local level.

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