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Lowest Cost Fundraiser

Online Team fundraisers are the lowest-cost fundraising option for your team or program.  

Most Profitable

Online fundraisers average 80% profit to your team – the highest of any fundraising option. 

Least Amount of Time

Get started in 30 minutes and manage with minimal effort. Online fundraising requires the least amount of time of any fundraiser. 

Why Choose eTeamSponsor?

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eTeamSponsor Fundraisers Set Up in 30 Min Or Less

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Raise 2-4X More Money Than Competitors

Personalized fundraising solution through donor appeal

Donor Appeal Comes From Participant Not an Unknown Sender

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We've Helped Schools Raise $200 Million Since 2010

Fundraising can be a sucky part of your job but it doesn't have to be with eTeamSponsor. Watch to learn more!

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For Coaches

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Use eTeamSponsor to Fundraise For Their Teams.
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For ADs

Learn More About How Athletic Directors Use eTeamSponsor to Fundraise For Their Athletic Programs.
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What Our Clients Have To Say About Fundraising With eTeamSponsor

Regarding online fundraising for schools or teams, one of the biggest differences between eTeamSponsor and the competition is our commitment to building lasting relationships and long-term value for our clients. Our eTeam consists of former student-athletes and coaches who understand your world and can design a personalized online fundraising program that meets your unique needs. Learn about the outstanding service you can expect when you fundraise with us!

"The work eTeamSponsor does makes my life so much easier and their programs are so impactful - over $22M raised for our schools."

"eTeamSponsor knows athletics, and has developed such an easy way for our student-athletes and coaches to engage their supporters."

"eTeamSponsor has streamlined our fundraising process and helped us expand the reach of our campaigns."

The eTeamSponsor 2024 Expert Guide to Team Fundraising

Since 2010 eTeamSponsor has helped over 10,000+ schools raise $200 Million for their teams and activities. Let us help you raise more for your team this season!

Download our expert guide and learn about:

  • The cost and profit of popular team fundraising options
  • The pros and cons of different fundraising options
  • How to maximize the funds raised for your team
  • The secret to structuring and effective fundraising program for your team 

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